Spring – Looking Forward

Hope springs eternal

“It’s barely two months since the first COVID-19 patients were diagnosed in the UK. And yet the number of cases has now exceeded 30,000. In the 16th Century, measles and smallpox were spread by Spanish Conquistadors to entire communities who had no prior immunity. Those viruses took 100 years to conquer the Americas. COVID-19 has taken 100 days to conquer the world.” Senior Sister Emma Barnes, Bradford Royal.

Its Friday 3rd April 2020. It is very difficult to think of anything positive to write about these days. My mind is still overwhelmed following the loss of Adam in February 2016. It is still the first thing I think about on waking and it will probably always be that way. However, in these scary days, I am also frightened for the safety of the rest of my family. Before, I thought I was one of many suffering from grief following a bereavement. Friends and family had been telling me to get out and about and start to enjoy life again. I believe that now the whole of humanity is feeling the same fear and sadness. Certainly, the vast majority are isolating as I was.

Along with the rest of mankind, I am living in hope of better things to come.

“How could we tire of hope

so much is in bud”

Denise Leverton