Corkscrew Hazel – Contortia – Corylus Avellana

This beautiful young tree was given to me last Spring by Sean and Deb. This year it has thrown out some really long Catkins. They look beautiful beside the Daffodils. It is still quite small as it is young but seems a very strong healthy plant. It is in a largish pot at the moment and seems happy there.

In February and March, the bizarrely contorted stems of this small hazel are draped with golden-yellow catkins. The leaves, which are mid-green and twisted, appear later. This corkscrew hazel is ideal for the middle of a sunny border, where its winter outline can be fully appreciated, or planted in large containers. The twisted stems, much-valued by flower-arrangers, also provide a curious and unusual focal point for an oriental-style garden. Crocus

Update 18th April 2022 – I am so upset. This lovely little nut tree is showing no signs of life this year. I really wish that I had brought it indoors for the winter but I was sure that it would be ok.