Onion Sets

ONIONS – Over wintering onion sets

Plant from early September to mid-November. Choose site and dig over then spread manure. Leave for a couple of weeks and dig in.

Firm the ground and water prior to planting if dry. Remove any papery skin from the onions prior to planting.

Lay a plank or a string line. Press the bulb into the soil leaving the tip exposed. Space from 3” – 6” apart with rows 12” apart. Water well. The bulbs will swell and grow green tips.

Tips – Plant parsley amongst them to ward off onion fly. Cover bed with netting.From Mid to late March apply a dressing of general purpose nitrogen rich fertiliser.

Harvest – Early May to June foliage will turn brown – leave a week or two then harvest late May – June on a sunny day by easing out of the ground and leaving to dry in the sun. Store in a dark dry place – onions not touching. Don’t store close to potatoes.