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Sowing Brassicas

I have sown the first trays of Brassicas for the year. One 20 module tray of Brussel Sprouts Evesham Special. I have put more than one seed to a section as the seeds are not new this year. One large module tray including 6 Romanesco, 6 Cauli Autumn Giant, 6 Cabbage Primo, 6 Cabbage Derby Day, 6 Cabbage Glory of Enkhuisen and 6 Cabbage Kilaxy. Sown on the 4th February so I should see some signs of life in ten to fifteen days. They are all brassicas that I have grown before many times. Six Romanesco through after five days. Romanesco potted on today 16th Feb. Cauliflower Autumn Giant potted on too 16th Feb.

The GOE are from Seekay at 75p for 100 seeds. The Romanesco and the Autumn Giant Cauliflower, 65p for 50, are new seeds this year but all the others are at least one year old.







I have had no luck with the brassica seedlings at all, neither the old seed or the new. Today 29th April, I have sown another tray of seeds but have also bought 72 plants from Webbs They are Cauliflower All Year Round, Cabbage Greyhound and Brussel Sprouts Evesham Special.

Brassicas – Sprouts and Calabrese

I have sown a batch of Brussel Sprouts Noisette.  Noisette are an old French variety that produces small to medium sized sprouts with a nutty flavour. Tip – Cut the top from this plant as soon as big enough to eat. This encourages the rest of the sprouts to mature at the same time rather than gradually but can reduce the crop slightly.

I have also put in some quick growing Broccoli Autumn Calabrese seeds. I have sown them thinly in a tray of moist seed compost and enclosed the tray in a polythene bag. I shall keep them indoors until they germinate which should be 14-21 days. They will need potting on and hardening off before planting into their final position but I am more confident with that now. At first I was very nervous when growing brassicas and lost a lot of seedlings.

Tip – Once you have cut the large central head from Broccoli leave the root in and you will more than likely get some tasty side shoots.

Second Batch of Brassicas

I have sown another tray of brassicas today with a mix of new and old seeds. Another row of Cauliflower All The Year Round; Broccoli Autumn Calabrese; Cabbage Derby Day; Cabbage Brigadier; Cabbage Greyhound and Cabbage Offenham ll. They should show in 7-10 days.

Cabbage Brigadier F1 Hybrid (Autumn/Winter). Ideal to grow a quality giant cabbage, producing heads up to 14lbs. Delicious eaten raw, with a high sugar and Vitamin C content, but also excellent when cooked, Stands well in good condition, with Fusarium.


Cabbage Greyhound Reliable and early maturing, Greyhound produces compact plants with very few wasted outer leaves. The tasty, pointed hearts can be cropped from mid summer well into autumn. Alan Romans.

Sowing Brassicas

The first brassica seeds have gone in today. In a tray of John Innes Seed compost I have sown two rows of Brussels Sprout Noisette and two rows of Evesham Special. Seedlings should appear in two to three weeks and they can be grown on until late April to May for planting out in the tunnel and hopefully for Harvest from September to December. update on germination – Evesham Special (new seeds) 100%; Noisette (old seeds) 1%.

In the same tray I have sown one row each of Cauliflower All The Year Round, Cabbage Primo ll and Cabbage Glory of Enkhuizen. All for Summer Harvest. update on germination – Cabbage Primo ll  (new seeds) 100%; ATYR & GOE (old seeds) nothing.


Broccoli Romanesco


Today I sowed six seeds of the Broccoli Romanesco. I have tried them before but only managed to get one to mature. Matures in around 85 Days; late Autumn/early Winter. Romanesco has a taste and texture exceeding the finest broccoli and to really appreciate the flavour it should be boiled or stir fried and served with melted butter. Sow seeds in a well raked, firm seed bed in late spring,½” deep and keep moist. Sowing can also be made under glass at this time. Transplant the seedlings 18″ apart when they have made 2-3 true leaves. For best results grow in a rich, fertile soil and water regularly. Calabrese and Broccoli contain many healthy antioxidants. They are high in Vitamin A and C and are a good source of iron. information from Thompson & Morgan.

I Think We Need Another Freezer!

We spent a pleasant couple of hours at the plots this morning and I managed to tidy the two beds in front of the greenhouse and get some of the young brassica plants in there. The Chinese leaf that we had planted had gone to seed so I had planned to pull it up but instead cut of the seed heads and left the plant in place, planting brassicas in the gaps. They may come to something, they may not, we shall have to wait and see. A few of the pak choi seeds we put in have grown but there were a lot of gaps so I popped a few brassica plants in between them too. We covered the plants with the mesh tunnels and netting as the pigeons are still about. We brought a load of stuff back today; a white cabbage, carrots, runner beans (loads), borlotti beans, the last of the Charlotte potatoes, a large courgette and tomatoes. We gave the Chinese cabbage tops to the chickens so nothing was wasted. Every time we go down we pick the runner beans and although we love them and eat a lot I still have to freeze loads. I know that we shall eat them through the Winter and next year till the next crop but there still seem to be too many. I either need another freezer or more friends who like runner beans. The carrots we pulled today were our best yet. They were out of the carrot bin and were a mixture of Rainbow and Chantenay.