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Annual Climbers 2021

This morning I have sown seeds of a few annual climbers. It is last years seed so fingers crossed that I get some success. I have sown them in some warm moist compost in a deep root trainer sized pot. In actual fact I have sown them in a container that i had left after we had eaten the red grapes. I had two boxes so one has served as a cover.

Asarina Scandens Jewel Mixed


This climber is listed as a half hardy annual. The advice is to sow February to March on the surface of moist compost and keep in a warm place. A constant temperature of 20 degrees C is recommended and germination should take place in 21 to 30 days. Do not exclude light. I have a bad feeling that I have pushed these seeds below the surface. I really hope that these are successful as they look beautiful and graceful. They are often referred to as the Snapdragon Vine but they look much more fragile. I may try a second pot of these as I am really taken with them. Update on 15th March. Great excitement today when Laura spotted what looks like one of these in a pot today. It must have been potted on into a seven inch pot and left over the winter. Fingers crossed that it does turnout to be Asarina.

This delicate looking but strong growing vine has graced trellis work and scrambled among summer flowers since Victorian times. Still one of the best long-blooming vines, it thrives and blooms summer to fall, and should be given a trellis to climb early in its growth. Annual; tender perennial. Seed to Bloom: 16 weeks

This tender Mexican native plant needs free draining soil in a full sun. Growth is rapid and requires plenty of nutrients as well as a good support to carry the weight of the plant. wiki

Cobaea Scandens White

Cobaea scandens is said to be a vigorous perennial climber usually grown as an annual. It has pinnate leaves and fragrant, bell-shaped flowers which change from greenish-white to purple. Commonly called Cup and Saucer Vine or Cathedral Bells. NB. The title Scandens indicates a climbing or a creeping species.

Ipomoea Pennata

Cyprus Vine or Morning Glory

Cypress Vine seeds make a beautiful climbing vine that is perfect for a concealing screen over a shabby shed of which I have a few. Cypress Vines it seems are easy and fast growing. The two species seem to have very different foliage so I am excited to see how they turn out.

I have sown both red and Pearly Gates, which is white, and known as Granny’s Vine so should suit me well.  A beautiful climber that produces bright white flowers in the morning throughout the Summer. These look superb when mixed with other ipomoea species. I cant wait. This species is very closely related to Bindweed which although beautiful is considered an invasive weed.

Thunbergia Alata Mix – Black Eyed Susan Vine.

Apparently this climber is fast growing with a mix of orange, yellow and white flowers.   Generally grown as an annual in the UK. Should flower from June to September. 

Thunbergia alata, commonly called black-eyed Susan vine, is a herbaceous perennial climbing plant species in the family Acanthaceae. It is native to Eastern Africa, and has been naturalised in other parts of the world