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New Seasons Sowing 2021

Laura and I have been sorting through the seed boxes and listing what seeds we have and when we can start sowing. Laura is ahead of me as she has already sown a few tomatoes and peppers a week or so ago and already has Cosmos seedlings popping through on the window ledge.

Today we have ventured outside and direct sown the end of a couple of packets of flower seeds from last year. There were six seeds of Cosmos Lemonade and a few Anchusa Blue Angel. Fingers crossed. She has placed them in the side garden after loosening the soil a little.

Cosmos Lemonade

cosmos lemonade

This is a beautiful pale yellow cosmos with a central white eye. We sowed a few of these last year but had very few flowers. We are hoping that they self seeded last year so live in hope. This should be early flowering and a little shorter that the usual cosmos.

Anchusa Blue Angel

Blue Angel

These were another no show last year so we are using up all the seeds left in the packet and have inter sown them with the Cosmos. If we are lucky and get a few good plants they will hopefully seed themselves. The colour looks amazing so should look good interspersed with the lemon of the cosmos.

Dierama – Angels with fishing rods.


I have sown seeds of these and covered the seed box with cling film. They are slow to germinate apparently. A selection of purple, red, pink and pale pink forms so I have no idea what colour they will turn out to be. I have sown just four seeds. . Bred by a nursery situated near and named after the highest of the Mourne Mountains in Co. Down, Ireland – Slieve Donard.

Cephalaphora Aromatica


Yellow pom pom flowers with pale green foliage. This unusual plant has a sweet apple fragrance. This is a new one on me but I think Laura tried a few last year. They are in a module tray and I shall keep them in the warm in the computer room.

Tomato Yellow Pear

tomato yellow pear

My contribution to the tomato collection. I have grown these before but not since I lost the allotment I don’t think. Pear tomato or teardrop tomato is the common name for any one in this group of indeterminate heirloom tomatoes. They are very sweet and lovely to eat right off the plant in a warm greenhouse. Tomatoes prefers acidic soil to thrive and benefit from fertiliser when starting to fruit. A very good link providing loads of growing tips is listed below.


Rudbeckia Gloriosa

These were the last of my sowings today. I sowed a few in each module and have covered them with cling film. Laura loves all daisies so I hope these germinate well for her. She grew quite a few last year so they may well pop up again in the borders. Neither of us could resist pushing a few Nasturtium seeds into the ground and I also popped a few in a module tray. That’s all the sowing for today so its back to reality after that bit of play time.

Cosmos Purity 2017

Sow Cosmos seed from March to May in seed compost and place the seed tray inside a polythene bag. Keep the soil damp but not wet. Do not exclude light as this aids germination which usually takes 7-15 days. When seedlings are large enough to handle transplant into 3″ pots and grow them on in cooler conditions until large enough to plant outdoors. When Cosmos plants are well grown and all risk of frost has passed acclimatise them to outdoor conditions over 7 to 10 days. Transplant outdoors in full sun in any moist, well drained soil 18″ apart. Pinch out the growing tip of each stem when transplanting to encourage stems to branch and produce more flowers. Deadheading will encourage new flowers. Information from T&M. These seeds can be sown outside directly into the soil about May time when the ground had warmed up a little.

Today, 11th April 2017, I have sown seeds of this elegant looking Cosmos, Purity, onto some damp compost. I have also sprinkled a few seeds directly here and there in the garden so I am hopeful of getting some good results this year. Update 21st February 2018. – I got no flowers from these seeds at all last year. I had four seeds left in the packet and as I have been planting the Dahlias up today I have just put them into the compost and hoped for the best. I will buy more seed as I do Like the flowers and will give them another try by sowing direct during May.

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Chocolate Cosmos – Cosmos atrosanguineus

I bought a dormant root of these rare Chocolate Cosmos online from Farmer Gracy in the Netherlands and have planted it in moist compost today. I am optimistic that it will burst into life but at present it looks very dead. Many years ago these used to grow wild in Mexico but are said to be extinct now. They have a strong chocolate smell I’m told. We shall see, I have bought seeds of a White variety, Purity, from Higgledy but haven’t sown them as yet. I believe Purity is a taller variety than Chocolate. I have grown these from seeds before in the flower bed at the allotment and they gave us a wonderful show of white, pale pinks and mauve. This variety of Cosmos is Half Hardy and flowers from June to September. The advice is to cut down after flowering and store the corms in a frost free environment until the following year. 11th April and still no sign of the Chocolate Cosmos from Farmer Gracy. I contacted the company and have been told to give it another month. I shall do that but feel a bit disappointed as the bare root purchased from Wilkinson’s for £2 is showing good growth. They were treated the same and are sitting next to each other in identical pots.

The wonderful Cosmos flower is native to meadowland and scrub  in Mexico. They have naturalised in USA and South America. Though perennial plants in their native land they are not in the UK and should be considered as annuals. 

The chocolate Cosmos from Farmer Gracy never came to anything so I was refunded, however, the cheap one from Wilko made a lovely plant. I have read that this variety should be treated as an annual but, after taking a couple of cuttings and some seed heads, I have brought the pot indoors to overwinter in the porch. The flowers were really intense in colour and though smaller than I anticipated I liked them very much.






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