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Tomato Soup

I hadn’t made made soup since I was at school. Whenever we wanted soup we bought a tin from the supermarket. However as we had rather a lot of tomatoes and they were ending up being thrown to the chickens I had a look how to make it. Simple. Why hadn’t I done it before? We are a family of stew lovers and over the winter I usually make one at least once a week. On Monday I decided to have a go with a few tomatoes that would be past their best the next day and we were pleasantly surprised by the lovely taste of the end result. Today I had a go with just yellow tomatoes and got a beautiful golden soup. There will be no stopping me now, until I run out of ingredients that is. The next experiment will be butternut squash soup as we have a few of those in store and then pumpkin. I will know better next season. I haven’t worked out yet how to keep it so we are eating it as I make it.

Chop the tomatoes and put into a saucepan. Add a little olive oil and cook the tomatoes for about five minutes. Use very ripe tomatoes for a better taste. Pass the soup through a seive with the back of a wooden spoon to get rid of the skin and pips. Season to your own taste. If the soup is too thick for you add a little water or vegetable stock. Carry on cooking the soup for a little longer stirring all the time. Serve with crusty bread. I know a lot of recipes suggest adding onion, potato etc but I prefer just the tomatoes. I have tried this method with other vegetables, whatever I have to use up and it always turns out to be very tasty.


As for a lot of families this week has been special for us. Our Nephew Matthew started in his last year at Senior School, my Great Neice Lily started college, Rob’s Son Lee took his first driving test, Glenn got started on his degree course and our Grandaughter Libbie started at her new playschool. It’s all happening here.

Not so much has happened down at the plots, however. Rob has been working all hours and I have not been too well so what with the continuous rain I dread to think what will be waiting for us when we do get down there. I just know that there will be a multitude of beans to pick and thats if they haven’t spoiled already.

Joyeux Anniversaire Matthieu

Its Matthews birthday and he’s in France on a school trip for five days. Have a good time Matt!!!

cake and ice cream

Its been a red letter day today at home as well as Rob has been busy in the kitchen, a very unusual place for him to be. First he tried his hand at ice cream, then made his own breakfast of scrambled eggs on toast, then finished off by making his first Victoria sponge cake. He used up eighteen eggs from our own chickens and some of our own strawberry jam for the filling of his cake. Didn’t he do well!

We have been very busy at the allotment for the last few days, mostly weeding, watering and harvesting. No watering required today though as we have had torrential rain. We did manage a visit to the tip though so the plots look even tidier now as we have thrown away a lot of stuff. So far this has been a better year than last and I have been busy after every visit to the plots preparing, cooking, freezing and preserving etc. oh and eating. Everything has done well so far with the exception of spring onions which have refused to appear despite being sown several times.