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Pear and Lemon Jam 2011

This was my first attempt at Pear Jam. Its a cobbled together version of the recipe I do for all my jams. I used two pound of pears which had been peeled, cored and cut up into chunks; I large lemon;  one pound of preserving sugar and some water. I put the pears into a pan with a little water and the juice and zest of the lemon. I cooked the pears until they were soft. Then I added the preserving sugar and brought to the boil until the mixture reached setting point. I am now waiting for the verdict from the family. I think that next time I may add a little powdered ginger when cooking the pears.


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Blackcurrant Jam

We had six pounds of fruit from the blackcurrant bushes on plot 18 and I have made them into jam. Blackcurrant Jam

The weather has been terrible with loads of torrential rain bringing blight spores to everyone’s potato crops. Only the ones grown under shelter in bins have survived. We may follow that example next year. With the blight doing a wrecking job above ground the slugs have finished the job below ground. It is disappointing but there are successes with the brassicas and the peas doing quite well despite the weather. The runner beans are climbing up their poles steadily and if we get some warm weather we may get a good crop.

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