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Favourite Flower 2019 Gaura the Bride

Although this plant was started from seed last year, 2018, it didn’t come into its own until this Summer. This years favourite flower then is Gaura Lindheimeri, commonly known as Whirling Butterflies. The variety I have is white and called, The Bride.

It is such a lovely plant that, although I intend to propagate the plant I have, I intend to start more of the other varieties and colours. There is a dark pink variety, Belleza, that is smaller than mine and I am on the hunt for some seeds.

To propagate in July dip each gaura stem in powdered, gel or liquid rooting hormone, then plant the stems in the holes, just deep enough to stand upright. Pat the soil lightly around the stems. Be sure the leaves are not touching the soil.

Deutzia Scabra

I bought this shrub on impulse from the pound shop knowing nothing about it at all. I have planted it into the back garden. It already has a few pale green shoots and having inspected the root system am wishing that I had bought another couple. There were Philadelphus and Spiraea.

Deutzia Scabra is an upright, deciduous shrub with arching branches, peeling, pale brown bark, dark green leaves and dense panicles of fragrant, single, star-shaped, white or pink-flushed flowers from early to mid summer. The shrub can grow up to six feet .